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Runway Ideas for Every Day: Hybrid Dress!

29 September 2014

| Dress - Hybrid |
| Heels - Asos |
| Clutch - H&M |
| Watch - DW |

Hi loves.

A pencil dress is an extension of pencil skirt. It is a great piece of clothing as it beautifies your curvy figure. If you are planning to get this garment, then, here are a few pointers that will help in choosing one for an occasion. Pencil dresses are well structured and fitted and complement women who have slender, slim, slender yet a little curvy figure. There are numerous styles and colours in pencil dresses when it comes to options and variety. You can also wear these dresses as per the occasion.

My gorgeous dress is from Hybrid Fashion. Since opening its doors in 2010, Hybrid has become a well renowned global fashion brand, promising effortless sophistication and timeless designs. Driven by innovation and their commitment to new and exciting ideas, Hybrid boasts affordable and luxurious collections inspired by the contemporary market. Their dresses not only channel a feminine aesthetic but are crafted from luxe, stretch fabrics and flatter the natural curves of the body. The term ‘hybrid’ itself reinforces our creative vision; through attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship they aim to bind elements such as quality and versatility with affordability and luxury.  

They currently sell to over 300 independent boutiques and major department stores as well as online retailers such as Lovarni and Asos.


Giveaway from Oasap.com - Win a piece of your choice!

27 September 2014


Hi loves.

Today I am so glad to share with you this awesome giveaway sponsored by Oasap.com - an online fashion outlet with an AMAZING selection of beautiful clothes, bags, shoes and fashion accessories!!! 

Fall is just around the corner. Out of all fashion elements, STRIPE is featured as transitioning season theme. That's why Oasap.com is giving away a stripe fashion piece to one lucky SummerCaffe follower!
The winner will be allowed to choose one of the following pieces:
1.Cutout Shoulder Striped Tee
2.Horizontal Stripe Shift Dress
3.Black White Striped Mini Dress
4.Vertical Stripe Bodycon Knit Skirt
5.Striped Curved Hemline Loose Shirt


How do you participate? 
1. Sign up as a member of www.oasap.com;
3. Leave a comment on this post with the account email and what item from 5 you want to win.    


Art in Clothing: Barocco Skirt from Blue Vanilla and Luxury Handmade Ilaria Ricci Bag!

26 September 2014

| Sweater - Stradivarius |
| Skirt - Blue Vanilla |
| Bag - Ilaria Ricci |
| Watch - DW |
| Heels - H&M |

Hi loves.

The Baroque is often thought of as a period of artistic style that used exaggerated motion and clear, easily interpreted detail to produce drama, tension, exuberance, and grandeur in sculpture, painting, architecture, literature, dance, and music. The style began around 1600 in Rome, Italy and spread to most of Europe. 
This style or print is became so popular in the fashion industry. Versace Home rocks it during the creation of its collections. Today I am wearing absolutely fabulous barocco print skirt from Blue Vanilla. Beautifully cut and trimmed, this skirt brings charm and femininity to this look. 
It comes in Beige Gold and mixed with amazing luxury handmade in Italy bag from Ilaria Ricci. They offer a unique experience that is worth living. Each work produced embodies a story to tell and the desire to enhance the uniqueness, the talent and the Made in Italy. The brand is born by the idea of Ilaria Ricci, student in Management at the University of Pavia with a great passion for fashion.
The bags are made entirely by hand with fabrics and yarns of high couture and quality. Each work is carefully followed from the initial idea to the choice of materials to the operational phase and till the final finishing. A process in which they are devoted hours and passion with the satisfaction of a great
result. High quality craftsmanship and attention to details allow to create unique and exclusive handbags  in limited and numbered pieces. 


Fashion Designed to Be Brilliant: LindyBop Retro with Cruciani Mood!

24 September 2014

| Dress - LindyBop |
| Heels - Menbur |
| Scarf - Forever 21 |
| Bracelets - Cruciani |
| Gloves - Bruno Carlo |
| Clutch - H&M |

Hi loves.

There’s a common misconception that dresses can only be styled one way. With all sorts of variations on dresses, such as the t-shirt, the maxi, the midi and the shirt dress, there is now much more fun to be had with the creation of an outfit around a dress. My gorgeous dress is from LindyBop and it's perfect for autumn/winter wardrobe. Featuring feminine butterfly print throughout – this piece really does lend itself to all sorts of styles depending on how you wear it. Beautiful dress with round Neck and 3/4 Sleeve in Blue printed Butterfly. 

Another fashion trend is a lace bracelet. The inexpensive trinket has saved the small Italian cashmere firm that made it from oblivion and become a symbol of made-in-Italy pride.
Cruciani has a huge varienty of models, colors and designs—including a butterfly, a flower, Violetta bracelet, a Mickey Mouse face and much more and even a high-end limited edition adorned with diamonds. It's an amazing accessory that will make your look even more girly and colorful.

And of course, Bruno Carlo gloves give more retro vintage mood to this look. Real leather, handmade in Italy, amazing quality accessory piece which I am in love with.


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