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Beauty Out of The Box: Ecco-Verde Haul/Review - BioEarth, Burt's Bees, Lavera, etc..!

19 November 2014

Hi loves.

Today I have a very special beauty post that I am so exciting to share with you. Lately I discovered an amazing MakeUp Online Shop called Ecco-Verde. I actually thier products few times but last 3 months I used a lot of the products from this shop and I want to share them with you today. Honestly, I am in love with the products I tried and here is my review for you.

First of all, Ecco Verde is one of the biggest E-commerce is Europe, providing their customers with purely natural cosmetics, skin care and hair care. At Ecco Verde their pride theirselves in offering their customers only the best natural products available on the market. Ecco-Verde puts huge emphasis on partnering up with manufacturers that offer products that are certifified. Their products range from natural to organic, as well as being vegan and cruelty-free.

Their customers are what keeps they going, so needless to say, Ecco-Verde (English website) is very big on customer satisfaction. They have operators, skilled in their various native languages, such as German, English, Italian, Spanish and French (just to name a few!), who do their best to offer fast and high qualtity service.

They offer secure shopping online and pay attention to the sustainability of the environment, in that they assemble and wrap their deliveries in 95% compostable filler chips. As a result, Ecco-Verde Shop is very passionate about offering only the best, natural products to the customers! Dubious products are by no means accepted.

"Everything you can imagine, nature has already created" is the slogan that they go by and welcome you to have a pop by Ecco-Verde store and see the goodness of their products for yourself.

So the first product that I've tried is
Intensive care for dry skin
€ 36.69

The set also includes some samples:
€ 14.29
€ 34.69

This cream by Bioearth offers a rich and refined formula and is recommended especially for dry skin. It contains a high content of snail mucus (78%), micro filtered and originating from Italy, as well as hyaluronic acid and purified organic plant extracts. it is perfume free and has been dermatologically tested.

Créme riche is a skin care cream with anti-aging effect. It regenerates and tightens the skin and keeps it elastic. The cream has the ability to nourish, to strengthen and restore elasticity within the different layers of the skin, as well as visibly reducing wrinkles and other signs of aging. We recommend an application of at least 3 months, enough to regenerate the skin. Daily application, together with a comprehensive face care regimen (daily cleansing) your skin instantly appears relaxed, young, fresh and rosy and is sufficiently hydrated.

Areas of application:

  • Wrinkles & signs of skin aging
  • Dry skin
  • Pigment stains

Obsessed. Since I've used it, I've gotten compliments on my skin. I feel as though it acts as a primer and moisturizer. Fabulous product. Put it on first thing in the morning and it feels fabulous. 

 I love this so much!!
My skin is extremely dry. I used to wear the Cetaphil moisturizer but then I switched to this.

It leaves my skin hydrated and I feel like it calms my really sensitive skin.

The next product I've tried is from Lavera
In the shade Red Berry Charm 05
€ 9.19

  • Delicately soft texture
  • Nourishment and protection for supple lips
  • Contains valuable organic flower butter

The colour intense lipstick provide the lips with breathtaking colour due to high-quality pigments - the classic lipstick for every occasion.

The Colour Intense Lipstick Matt Collection contains four up to date shades that provide the lips with a matte color experience.

The pampering texture of organically grown rose, lime and mallow flower extracts ensure gentle and tender protection. The delicate, creamy formulation provides wearable comfort and a velvety finish.

Dermatologically tested.

I have aready used this amazing lipstick in my outfit posts and I am in love with this shade. Perfect for Fall.

 An absolutely classic red. This is one of the most gorgeous shades I have. It really is that good. This is the shade that has a pop of cherry color but isn't too bright but also isn't too dark. 

The next brand is one of my favourite - Burt's Bees.
I've tried 2 products:

Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme  
Super rich, all-natural hand cream for hard-working hands.
€ 12.19
  • Moisturises dry skin
  • Help seal and shield your hands
  • Pleasent scent

100% natural!
Pure help for hard-working hands. This super rich, all-natural hand cream is made with sweet almond oil and vitamin E to moisturise dry skin and beeswax to help seal and shield your hands from the elements. With such a sweet scent, you'll always be reminded to feed your skin with the nourishing care.

I absolutely love this hand creme! Not only does it smell delicious, it also does not irritate my very sensitive skin. I usually only put it on at night before bed as it is quite thick and leaves a waxy film on the hands. The packaging is gorgeous also. Beautiful product.

 This is a rich milky cream that easily melts into your skin. I immediately feel my skin smoother upon application! I actually love the cute jar, as I can place it by my bedside. It makes it so much easier to apply without having to squeeze tube with greasy fingers.

Smell is absolutely delicious. Almond and cherries draw you in. I actually just like to open the jar and smell it! It is very relaxing and spicy.

Another amazing product is
Hand Salve  
Intensive hand treatment for rough and dry hands.
€ 11.19
  • Moisturises hard-working hands
  • Protects your hands

Need some salvation for rough, dry hands? Our most intensive hand treatment, this formula is packed with botanical oils, herbs and beeswax to moisturise hard-working, rough, dry hands. It's an everyday miracle.

 Moisturizing and extremely absorbing onto the skin. Keeps my hands soft throughout the day. I use it right when i get to work and it keeps my hands from looking dry. It smells awesome as well! Clean and fresh. Contains botanical oils, herbs, and beeswax, all of which nourish the skin. This is therapeutic for me when i'm stressed as well.

I was kinda surprised to try creme deo from BioEarth.

Bioearth Miodeo Teen  
Protects against sweat during puberty
€ 12.19
  • Designed for young people
  • Free from alcohol & aluminum salts
  • Free from allergic fragrances

A soft cream deodorant by Bioearth that is specifically designed to meet the needs of young skin.

In conjunction with sufficient personal hygiene, the use of Miodeo Feet can combat sweat and odours on the feet and ensures a fresh and light feeling. It is free from alcohol and aluminium salts.

During puberty the production of sexual hormones are increased. The body odour becomes intense and bitter, especially under the armpits. This deodorant by Bioearth is specifically adapted to this phase of life, where sweat glands are particulary active. It neutralises unpleasant odours without inhibiting the natural sweat.

Miodeo has a very effective deodorizing effect. It neither inhibits the natural transpiration, nor does it destroy the healthy skin flora. It neither contains bactericidal nor fungicide, and achieves its deodorizing effect by using selected substances that are anti-enzymatic and have a slightly astringent effect, while zinc salts, that has excellent absorption properties, extract volatile substances from the sweat, which are responsible for bad odours. 

This deodorant is a cream, but is packaged in a convenient spray bottle.

Also I tried some samples like:

Fortifying Mask for Dry & Limp Hair  
Intensively cares for damaged hair!
€ 14.79

 This nourishing and strengthening hair mask is well-suited to care for dry, coarse, split and damaged hair. It is rich in nutrients and moisturizing shea butter, as well as Gingeng extract and sunflower oil. Hair becomes soft, even the coarse and diifult to manage types. Reults are noticeable after the first application, however, regular use is recommended.


Strengthening Shampoo - Hairfall Control  
Strengthening shampoo for thinning hair
€ 11.69

This natural shampoo by Bioearth cleanses with its plant tensides and is well-suited for limp and weak hair. It contains ginseng extract and vitamin B3 to strengthen and revitalize the hair, while reducing hair loss. Dermatologically tested.

Ideal for hair loss, as well as weak and limp hair.

Martina Gebhardt Hand & Nail Hand Cream  
Protects hands & cracked skin!
€ 12.89

 As far back as the Middle Ages, flowers and healing herbs were used to make salves for skincare. Nowadays precious essences together with unprocessed parts of these plants are integral components of gentle skincare products. Chamomile is one of Europe's most popular medicinal plants. No wonder the small, yellow flowers are used for all types of complaints, for Chamomile is truly a botanical Jack-of-all-trades. It is so well known that most people recognize its unique fruity fragrance.


Martina Gebhardt Young & Active Cleanser  
Light Nourishment for young skin, 20+
€ 13.79

 Young people often do not know which is the right care for their skin type. From 20 years onwards, the skin is developing. Environmental conditions such as cold, heat, sun, wind and air pollution, as well as increasing stress and onesided nutrition can also impact your skin. Also aggressive cleaning and pore-clogging protective products have a negative effect on the skin. Proper care brings skin back into balance. This new system care "Young & Active" by Martina Gebhardt for young skin, closes the care gap between the blemished teen skin, which tends to have inflammatory reactions, and the demanding, mature skin.

And finally
Bioearth BB Cream Matt Bronze  
Multifunctional care - for sensitive skin!
€ 19.89

This tinted cream adapts to all skin types and evens out every complexion. Ideal for sensitive and impure skin - perfect for all skin types!
Thanks to the many active plant ingredients contained in this cream, it can be used like a normal day cream on a daily basis.

This multifunctional product

  • evens out the complexion
  • hydrates and nourishes the skin
  • hides blemishes and redness
  • provides a radiant and healthy complexion
  • is effective against the signs of aging

The BB cream by Bioearth was produced with natural ingredients of vegetable origin, to ensure maximum skin tolerance. It is free from chemicals that can harm humans, animals or the environment. It contains raw materials that are certified organic (marked with *) and also the dyes were strictly tested and approved according to ICEA.

The BB creams by Bioearth are:

  • products of palnt origin & ICEA certified.
  • completely free of petroleum products (paraffins, silicones).
  • free of parabens, PEG and aggressive preservatives.
  • strictly tested according dermatological and microbiological requirements. The ingredients are pure and skin-friendly, ideal for skin prone to irritation and allergic reactions.
  • packed in practical and ecological airtight bottles, to ensure the duribility of the products. Furthermore,  the product never comes into contact with air or contaminants from the environment.

This shade honestly is too dark for me, but I like this formula and texture. It's very creamy and doesn't have a strong smell.


Signature Style for All Seasons: Choies Coat and Gloves + Menbur Shoes!

14 November 2014

| Coat - Choies |
| Sweater - Stradivarius |
| Pants - River Island |
| Shoes - Menbur |
| Gloves - Choies |
| Bag - Oasis |

Hi loves.

Cover up this 2015 winter with fashionable and stylish women’s wool coats. Today I am wearing an amazing wool coat and leather gloves from Choies. You can style it in many ways, starting from classic business looks to casual hipster and retro styles with extra warmth and comfort look. This kind of garment is thicker than most other outerwear designs, that's why be sure to be always in a cozy cover up during your street walks. This style is perfect for layering over ensembles. As you can see this coat comes with all possible styles, because it's classic red/black. I personally love the ones which are oversized. The trick of wearing wool outer garment is to buy one size larger for your suits, dresses and other formal wear.

 The coat I'm wearing is a bit on the red side as you can clearly see but I actually love the way it looks when combined with black. This exclusive fabric contains a luscious blend of rich wool for a refined appearance and wonderfully soft touch. More than a coat, it truly is a unique work of art. 

And my beautiful shoes are from Menbur. When I look through their website, I always fall in love with pretty much every pair of shoes they have. They are always trendy, beautifully designed and unique.
These amazing shoes are perfectly combined with stones and crystals which make them even more feminine and perfect for some special occasions. Check out Menbur party shoes from MFW here!


Giveaway from Oasap.com - Win a coat of your choice!


Hi loves.

Today I am so glad to share with you another awesome giveaway sponsored by Oasap.com - an online fashion outlet with an AMAZING selection of beautiful clothes, bags, shoes and fashion accessories!!! 

Oasap.com is giving away a coat to one lucky SummerCaffe follower!
 The winner will be allowed to choose one of the following pieces:

1 - Black White Houndstooth Pattern PU-Trim Cape Coat

2 - Brown Elk Pattern PU-Trim Cape Coat


How do you participate?   
3. Leave a comment on this post with the account email and what coat from 2 do you prefer to win.

Simply Stylish & Easy: LookBook Store Cardigan, Poppy Lux Dress and Pokemaoke Sneakers!

5 November 2014

| Dress - Poppy Lux |
| Cardigan - LookBook Store |
| Sneakers - Pokemaoke |
| Bag - Oasis |
| Socks - Calzedonia |
| Beanie - Asos |

Hi loves.

 There’s just something about polka dots that makes us happy. The print is fun, youthful and whimsical.

 While polka dots are a traditional print, it's possible to break out of the retro route by embracing metallic or silver mini polka dots on a bright colour base. That way, you can still wear a classic style like an A-line dress, midi dress, skater dress or pencil skirt, but maintain playfulness through the use of commanding shades and unconventional fabrics.

My beautiful dress is from Poppy Lux. This skater dress is so comfy to wear, girly and casual. Speaking of casual, I have been obsessing over sneakers lately. Not the crazy wedge kind either. I love the simplicity of a great sneaker with a styled look to keep it fun and a bit unexpected. Here are my Pokemaoke sneakers which I am in love with! The luxuriously soft cardigan from LookBook Store is perfect for layering. Soft, lightweight knit blend, with two front plackets and boyfriend designer fit.

The watch strap is another new one. It makes my DW watch look classic, girly and chic. This strap looks amazing with a casual look. This is why I love my DW watch. You can have a lot of straps and wear your watch different ways every week. And I have a special discount code for you loves. Get your 15% OFF with the code - summercaffe


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