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Perfect World of Style: #shewearskipling with Kipling Bag!

29 October 2014

| Sweater - Stradivarius |
| Dress - Asos |
| Bag - Kipling |
| Boots - Aldo |

Hi loves.

For as many people there are on the planet, there are just as many types of bags. You can choose one from a million and variations are endless! There is no other perfect bag as tote bag. My personal preferences in a tote - classic design. I use a tote as my purse and I’m mostly looking for something chic and functional.

Big enough to hold your iPad and a favorite book or two. It really doesn't matter if you're vacation-bound or just headed to work. Every season is all about lightening up, and let's start with your everyday bag. With pops of color, classic stripes, perforated details, bright prints or simply black or grey as mine, this bag is totally on-trend and entirely functional. 

Sometimes it's a dilemma: maybe your regular satchel isn't the right dimensions ( your Macbook Air, your makeup and extra pair of flats). My beautiful JULIENE SN Shoulder Bag in black metal from Kipling is a right decision for you. This bag is not just appealing to the eye, it is useful and chic. It has plenty of space. Speaking about the company,
The Kipling story is one of great passion, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. In 1987, three friends in the fashion capital of the world decided that women needed high-quality bags that were iconic and chic and feminine and fashionable and… not boring! So they created a line of casual and colourful bags that were affordable, sporty and functional, packed with attitude but never serious or stuffy or stuck-up. In a word… FUN!


My Life in Fashion: TFNC Dress and Menbur Shoes!

27 October 2014

| Dress - TFNC |
| Shoes - Menbur |
| Clutch - Oasis |
| Flower Crown - My Shop |

Hi loves.

When you're wearing a sequin dress, all eyes are sure to be on you. It's shine and sparkle inevitably make it the focal point of your outfit. My beautiful dress is from TFNC. Dedicated to bringing their customers the latest stunning and sexy trends, TFNC London is a thriving business offering a complete look for any glamorous fashionistas. With an extensive collection of styles conceived by their team of designers, TFNC London is your first stop-shop to dress to impress.
Loading up on statement accessories easily can make you appear over-dressed. Instead, keep your look simple and understated. Don’t pair your dress with a clutch and shoes in matching sequins or rhinestones and avoid large, heavy jewelry. Delicate stud earrings are a better match with a sequin dress than a dramatic chandelier style.
If the sequins are a neutral color like black, white or silver, you can also play with color - pair it with red shoes, lipstick and flower crown to make your dress pop like I did.
Usually, a sequin dress is saved for special occasions and evenings out. However, you’ll get more use out of your dress if you find casual ways to style it. For a business-geared cocktail party, pair your sequin dress with a fitted black blazer and ballet flats for a chic, wearable look.


My Life in Fashion: #shewearskipling with Kipling Bag, Lookbook Blazer, DW Watch & Menbur Shoes!

23 October 2014

| Sweater - Stradivarius |
| Pants - Stradivarius |
| Blazer - LookBook Store |
| Bag - Kipling |
| Shoes - Menbur |

Hi loves.

We see so many bags, but few are as clean and ladylike as the Kipling
 The Kipling challenge it's a great possibility to show your style and taste wearing this amazing bag. I am so excited to be a part of it. I have been asked to style this amazing classic JULIENE SN Shoulder Bag in black metal which is available in three colours. The bag is big and perfect for shopping and travelling. The quality is amazing and there are a lot of pockets in this bag which I like. And of course, the little monkey charm is adorable.
There is an urban attitude and versatility to this bag that makes it feel modern. Wear Kipling combines the brand's traditions with a fresh, casual touch. The bag is meant to be worn during the day, evening or weekend, and it's easy to see that Kipling bags can easily transition into each need. The design gives more approachable feel. But when you look at this bag, it is just elegant, chic and trendy, and that makes it a bag I simply love.

Today I decided to create a classic look with a pop of colour. Beautiful assimetric blazer from LookBook Store is a truly musthave! Soft material, great quality, peplum hem and double lapel details make this blazer a perfect piece for your wardrobe. Menbur shoes give a pop of colour to this outfit which means that classic look can be creative.
And of course, a watch. It makes a statement but also remains very feminine because it's not too bulky.

The watch strap is a new one. It makes my DW watch look new, chic and colorful. As you can see, this strap looks perfectly even with a classic look. This is why I love my DW watch. You can complete your collection of straps and wear your watch different ways every week. And I have a special discount code for you loves. Get your 15% OFF with the code - summercaffe

Loves, leave me a comment below - How would you style my Kipling bag?


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