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1 November 2015

Mr.Gugu LookBook with River Island, DW, Menbur and G-Shock!

Look n1:
| Sweatshirt - Mr.GuGu |
| Jeans - River Island |
| Heels - Menbur |
| Watch - DW |
 Express yourself through your outfit. 

Gugu Style is a quality combined with emotions. Wherever you live, whatever your name is, whoever you are or want to be - you are yourself. You show your originality in a thousand ways. You do it best with the clothes you wear. You will be noticed even in a crowd. You are no longer anonymous. 

Mr. Gugu & Miss Go does not conquer catwalks and prestigious catalogs. Their goal is to change the look of streets. Gugu people are already there. They are extremely unconventional. They are defiantly audacious. Of the New Style generation. 



25 October 2015

Choies LookBook with Daniel Wellington, Menbur and Boccadamo!

Look n1:
| Shirt - LOB |
| Skirt - Choies |
| Sandals - Pokemaoke |
| Watch - DW |
| Wallet - Kipling |


22 October 2015

Lady Razor review from KORP RAZOR.

Hi loves. 

Today I have a special post for you. It's a Lady Razor review from KORP RAZOR.
Sometimes the small details in your life can make you feel the luxury. That is the reason why every detail - no matter how small it is - in KORP RAZOR products are selected with care. Take your time while shaving to feel the luxury and elegance the razor evokes in your everyday life.
Each component is extremely important to create a razor with high quality and elegance. A razor is the closest tool you have for your body, which is why making quality is important. There is no compromise between the graceful design and the rustic quality.
This excellent combination along with a little bit of courage, help KORP RAZOR remain on the top.

 The first time you hold a box containing a KORP RAZOR you can feel the exclusivity. 

The handle is designed to create the perfect feeling in the hand. Just the perfect weight. Just the perfect length. Just as smooth and ergonomic to make your shaving to a luxury moment. There are no moveable parts on the handle, while these instead are on the razor head. Only one simple reason made they do this. The razor heads are replaced at regular intervals while the handle should be used many many times. An easy way to create longest possible sustainability.

The razor head is a progressive 5-blade construction with extremely sharpness. In the bottom is a widen rubber guard bar that helps to bring the hair up. On top is a lubricating strip that moisturizes your skin. The bracket has a moveable part for connection on the razor head, and the pivoting makes a closer shave. The blades from U.S. are considered among the best razorblades in the world.

 Is technically the best razor you can get, it’s more than good, it saves you time and money, or both, compared with anything that provides a closer shave. It performs comparably to the latest and greatest offerings, with the good price. From the packaging to the leather holder, the first moment you see Korp Razor you know its a luxury razor. The handle is perfect in terms of weight, feel, and length, with a removable razor that bends and turns with every inch of your body. The rubber band at the bottom helps bring the hairs up and lubricate for long lasting effect. This one is my favorite.
The razor is available for men and woman. Woman/girls will love that leather carrying case it comes with, perfect to put in their luggage or even their handbag. And all products are made from environmentally friendly materials.



3 October 2015

Fashion Designed to Be Brilliant: Eroke, DW, Boccadamo and Menbur!

| Dress - Eroke| 
| Bag - Menbur | ( code POLINA for 10% OFF)   
| Sandals - Menbur | ( code POLINA for 10% OFF) 
| Bracelet - Boccadamo |  
| Watch - DW |
| Sunglasses - Tom Ford

Hello loves.

Floral print dresses are staples of every fashionable woman's wardrobe. Such printed dresses usually offer more color and visual interest than solid-color dresses. As a result, women must choose their fashion accessories carefully to create a look that is put-together without being visually overwhelming. Learning basic floral print accessorizing tips from fashion experts is a great way to cultivate the right style. Women can find accessories for their floral print dresses everywhere women's fashion is sold, from bargain-priced department stores to high-end boutiques.

I invite you to discover Eroke Autumn/Winter Collection 2015-16 - here.

  Use code POLINA for 10% OFF on all the products from Menbur -
Active until the end of 2015 + Free European Shipping above 40€


27 September 2015

#‎TNSCosmetics‬ ‪#‎TNSNailPolish‬ ‪Slyline Collection from TNS Cosmetics!

 Hi loves. 

Today I want to share with you another amazing products from TNS Cosmetics. It is a TNS Cosmetics SkyLine Collection which includes 4 nail polishes. I have 2 of them in the shades SkyLine and AllThatJazz.

 Skyline capsule collection - a new series dedicated to the colors of enamels and metropolitan atmospheres.
A new capsule collection for autumn coming together - classic and glamorous, the rediscovery of bold colors, deep and absolute. NO pastel shades and hyper-bright, now is the time to be fascinated by intense shades, to dress fingers of bold pigmented colors.
The new winter collection from TNS Cosmetics is a tribute to the tones and metropolitan atmospheres: 
  • a midnight blue and deep - Night Life
  • a dark burgundy - AllThatJazz
  • a gray powdery soft and cool - SkyLine
  • a bright red, light, violet - Heartbreaker

The protagonist is the urban landscape, which lends the colors to the new collection. The tones of posters, the dark colors of the plaster, the translucent white of the windows, the deep blue of the night skies are found within these four limited edition shades, perfect to make your outfit or - starting right from the hands - illuminate it with a touch unusually urban.
A skyline night colors, a metropolitan landscape with strong colors that show the most glamorous side of the city.
Skyline Collection will be available from September 2015.


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