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7 April 2017

About Timeless Sophistication - RETRO STYLE - EVER-PRETTY DRESS


Ever Pretty Garment Inc. has over 12 years of experience in the fashion industry, serving thousands of customers across the globe. Getting their start in the ever changing European fashion market, they brought the sartorial expertise to the US in 2011. With an eye on global fashion trends they design their dresses for today while envisioning them to be timeless additions to your closet that you’ll wear for years to come.
They know that the modern woman’s life is peppered with important events from prom to graduation, Girls’ Nights Out to weddings, date nights to your first job and everything between! That is the motivation behind their design: they want you to look and feel your best for every single moment life throws your way!
With so much going on in your crazy, busy, wonderful life they want to make finding the perfect dress for any occasion fun and easy. That’s why they put our entire collection at your fingertips! No more running from store to store searching for a dress last minute, instead browse the entire collection online.  Need your dress fast? You’re in luck!



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