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8 April 2017

Fashion Designed to Be Brilliant: A&A Vesa Fur Vest Outfit.

 The 70’s are back, taking center stage is the fur vest.  The vest is tons of fun, it adds a touch of extravagance to any outfit, no matter what your personal style is. Are you still questioning whether to take a step out of your comfort zone and into this trend? Take it! 
They are the perfect addition to any wardrobe and take your look from not-so-interesting to WOW. When you find the right fur, your pairing options are endless.

I've chosen a fur vest, lumberjack plaid, black jeans for a care-free, rustic look. My gorgeous Fur Vest is from A&A Vesa. It's soooo beautiful and warm. You can check it HERE. Double-sided natural fur vest can be an essential component of your wardrobe, being a versatile piece of clothing.
On one side is the lambskin trimmed to a thickness of 8 mm and the other part is nappa leather, which has the characteristics resistance to moisture and dirt. This fur vest can be assorted with a matching leather strap, that you can purchase from their store, which helps its closure, with preferences and personal style of each and everyone of you. This vest can be purchased in several colors and closes using a metal accessory like a metal hook.

A&A Vesa firm was founded in 1994 as a company, offering and gradually completing a range of fur coats, sheepskin coats and accessories, indulging thousands of costumers both in Romania and abroad.

Over the time, ever since its establishment in 1994, A&A Vesa company has been made noticed by both feminine design and through a masculine design.

Despite the fact that fur coats tend to be perceived as pretentious they have been able to combine utility and elegance to create casual clothing pieces and stylish in all colors made with the highest quality standards.

 Their product range is wide, having plenty of articles: clothes, vests, neckwear, gloves, house slippers, collars, hats, capes, being made from 100% natural fur: leather with merino lamb fur, polar fox fur, red fox fur or raccoon fur.

Marketed products are made from natural fur purchased from Romania and European Union, they do not use fur from endangered species.

A&A Vesa articles are recognized for their sophistication, authenticity and exquisite elegance beyond the cyclical seasons, being made with great craftsmanship and passion.



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